About Gwen and Copper and Greens®

As a Nurse and Healthcare Strategist, Gwendolyn (Gwen) brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the critical importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in healthcare. With over a decade of experience in nursing, she has a comprehensive background in case management, acute care, chronic care, diabetes management, disease prevention, and nutrition. Gwen is passionate about developing effective healthcare strategies that benefit both individuals and communities, fostering healthier and more equitable environments.

Gwen is the founder of Copper and Greens®, a pioneering public health practice dedicated to creating impactful health programs that build and strengthen communities. At Copper and Greens®, we are committed to delivering health programming that not only addresses immediate health concerns but also promotes long-term wellness and inclusivity.

Why Choose Copper and Greens®?

  • Expertise in DEI: Our practice is rooted in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that all health strategies are inclusive and equitable.
  • Holistic Approach: We combine extensive nursing experience with innovative public health strategies to address a wide range of health issues.
  • Community Focus: Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of diverse communities, promoting health equity and building stronger, healthier populations.

Ready to Implement Health and DEI Strategies in Your Community?

If you are looking to incorporate DEI practices into your community health initiatives, schedule a call with Gwendolyn today. Let’s work together to create a healthier, more inclusive future for all.

Gwendolyn Woody


Partner with Copper and Greens® to Create Healthier and Inclusive Communities!

Are you a corporation, public health agency, or policy influencer? Join forces with Copper and Greens to develop innovative health strategies that demonstrate your commitment to creating healthier, more inclusive communities.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Expert Guidance: Our nurse-led team specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion within public health. We offer unparalleled expertise to help you implement effective, equitable health initiatives.
  • Tailored Strategies: We work with you to develop customized health strategies that address the unique needs of your organization and community, showcasing your investment in their well-being.
  • Workforce Development: Strengthen your public health workforce with our training programs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring your team is equipped to handle today’s health challenges.

Our Services Include:

  • Corporate Wellness Programs: Enhance employee health and productivity with our tailored wellness initiatives.
  • Public Health Collaborations: Partner with us to design and implement community health projects that drive positive change.
  • Policy Development Support: Leverage our expertise to create and advocate for policies that promote health equity and inclusion.
  • Workforce Development Training: Equip your public health workforce with the skills and knowledge to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in their practice.

Take the First Step Today!

  • Schedule a Consultation: Connect with our team to discuss how we can support your health and wellness goals.
  • Join Our Network: Become part of a community dedicated to advancing public health, equity, and inclusion.